Playing while “playing”

"I believe that the creative artist is one among the few happy people most able to reconcile the opposites... to achieve the unity of being" - Claudio Arrau

"A good playing technique is always rational" - Vincenzo Scaramuzza


Piano teaching
How to become a performer and a creative artist.

How to achieve "the unity of being" and reconcile discipline and artistic spontaneity.

Ms. Caruso’s research on piano pedagogy arose from the above premises. Her didactic aim is to highlight and enhance the individuality of the students, as performing artists, in respect to the philological interpretation of the scores, combining the techniques of the different piano schools (Neapolitan, Russian, French, Japanese) to the yogic principle of mind-body interaction.

The technical (bodily) problems can always be resolved by mind control and mental organization. Practicing in an intellectual and creative way but with the excitement and enthusiasm as in a game - Playing while "playing" - leads to naturalness and spontaneity of musical gestures in the performance

Her interpretative and teaching guidance derives by the practice of Yoga and by the educational experiences acquired from internationally renowned teachers and musicians, such as: Aquiles Delle Vigne, Vincenzo Balzani, Leslie Howard, Anna Maria Pennella, Sergio Perticaroli, Antonella Barbarossa, Mamiko Suda, Choong-Mo Kang, Håkon Austbø, Robert Moeling, Daan Vandewalle, Willem Tanke, Stephan De May, Peter Vandenberghe, Paolo Pollastri, Emmanuel Abbuhl.


Seminar, workshop and lecture-concert on Contemporary Music

“Euphony of the dissonances, a sound path between variable timbres”