«I consider my playing like a research mission: it’s my life’s work. From the onset of my studies, my dream has been to bring music to the heart of people. Due to the phenomenon of fast innovations in our society, classical musicians are ever more engaged in researching and discovering new frontiers in artistic performance and communication able to transmit more easily meanings as refreshed vehicles of empathic self-expression. I believe that a synergy between classical music and other different arts constitutes an innovative performative challenge connecting artists and spectators in a correspondence of emotions as I have been experimenting through my artistic research and concert projects»

Giusy Caruso is working as an Artist Researcher at IPEM - Institute of Psychoacoustic and Electronic Music - at the Department of Art, Music and Theatre Sciences of Ghent University (Belgium) in affiliation with the KASK - School of Arts of Ghent - Royal Conservatory. She is also a reviewer for the journal Cahiers Internationaux de Symbolisme (University of Mons).