A refined musicality and a charismatic stage presence imbued by a poignant temperament and an intellectually bright piano technique are the distinctive skills raised by the European music critiques on the Italian pianist Giusy Caruso.
Graduated cum laude in Piano and Philosophy, her multiple interests in Musicology, Philosophy, Theatre, Dance, Improvisation, Yoga and Eastern cultures make her a many-sided artist.
Stimulated by this wide horizon of experiences, her personal concert-projects, challenging performances and unconventional thematic artistic events, based on a repertory ranging from classical to contemporary style, catch and increase the interest of a larger audience.
Her didactic aim, combined to the yogic principle of mind-body interaction, is to transfer enthusiasm, determination and grit to young musicians by highlighting and enhancing the individuality of the students while respecting the philological aspect of the musical text.
Ms Caruso is a pianist presented by the SIMC – the Italian Society of Contemporary Music in Milan – and artist-researcher in Belgium.